Gravity Arts’ Organic Innovation Ensemble is dedicated to infusing creative energy, innovation and original thinking into today’s corporate cultures via direct, immersive experiences in the performing arts.

Our mission and vision.


Creative innovation has become paramount for companies to maintain success and relevance in today’s markets. A dramatic shift has been happening in the way that people perceive value in products and services. Far beyond utility and reasonable prices – originality, authenticity and delightful user experiences are the key things that customers value and are willing to pay for.

This is causing a large and growing problem for Corporations and organizations of all types and sizes. They need to attract and continuously develop creative, innovative employees – the people who will conceive, develop, market, advertise and deliver the high-impact experiences that customers want.




“As a rusty amateur musician who for years played seldom and always alone, I have really valued the opportunity to play in a group with music custom-written for individual skill levels.  And as a management consultant who works with organizations, I think the idea of forming in-house ensembles has a lot of promise.  It brings small groups of employees or members together in a new way.  Then, when the time comes for concerts, it adds another unifying dimension involving many more people.  Ben’s versatility and infectious enthusiasm make it all come together.”                                                        

Wallace Clausen
Management Consultant

“The Organic Innovation Ensemble is a place where egos get put aside and it’s possible to make mistakes and learn from them in an atmosphere of mutual support.  Since the ensemble’s music is tailored to the individual’s current level of expertise, one can develop improvisational abilities and contribute fully to the group without having to worry about overwhelming technical problems, and this increases one’s level of musicianship and pace of development tremendously.”

Michael Domino
Senior Software Engineer, Lotus Development Corporation

“I believe that Ben Schwendener’s uniquely customized approach to musical involvement is an innovative way of encouraging teamwork and positive morale.  And it is every bit as deserving of corporate sponsorship as bowling and softball.”

David Frances, Ph.D.
President, E.A.P. Systems

“At first I was reluctant because I hadn’t played piano for so long, but by the time our concert date came I was eager to perform on stage.  Our group progressed a lot- it was neat to witness what an unknown, inexperienced, varied group of people could accomplish.  We also had a great time socially.  Ben is very enthusiastic and thus increased our energy and performance ability.  Music is so very therapeutic, but the ultimate satisfaction is playing and creating I by oneself.”

Jeanne Caplan, Librarian
Brookline Public Library

“The feeling of getting that chance to do something you’ve always wished you could have, if only you paid attention as a kid is finally realized.  The thrill of making music is made even sweeter by the new dynamic of this strong group that you become a part of in every sense of the word."

David Vos
Television Producer/Director